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Learning the Basics – PC Advice for Beginners

In today’s  digital world we forget that it was only 10 – 15 years ago that computers started taking over our lives let alone mobile phones with all the Internet gadgets on it.  But how are some of the over 50’s who didn’t grow up with all this technology supposed to get to grips with this when they haven’t learnt it from their school days?

Easy PC Advice - Training

Well… at Easy PC Advice we do have the answer so don’t be scared !!

I personally have been to many homes where I have been asked to show people over 70 how to use a computer.  The great thing is that there seems to be a revolution where people of this age want to know how to get connected to the web.  The main reason seems to be that they are fed up with not getting all the best deals that get offered online as going into a shop or buying over the phone seems more expensive these days.

Easy PC Advice - Email

One of the main problems for new starters is EMAIL.  Tell me a site on the net where you don’t need an email address to sign up??Exactly!!

So when I get round to a customers home and they say they just want to learn about a certain site etc, I have to inform them that email will be a big part of their online experience and in all cases so far, they then realise how it helps them whether it be a logon needed or online receipts or even boarding passes etc.

The great thing is that once email has been mastered, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to use the web.  Many features in online email accounts are used elsewhere on the web.

So you see, we have things all under control and there is nothing that we can’t teach a beginner of any age.  The web is a vast portal of information and it’s easy to feel swamped.

Give us a call and see how we can help you.

Starting a Business with little or no money? Good Luck!

How do you start a business with little to no money and are entering a competitive market where there is a struggle to get to the top of Google page 3 let alone page 1?

My current answer is, I am still working on it!!

For the past few months now I have been spending every spare minute trying to find that one bit of information that will blind me with a ray of light on how to do this and make it a success… but so far it hasn’t come.

What gets in the way? Money.  Every corner you turn there is someone waiting with a fantastic offer to get you known but unfortunately it will cost you hundreds or maybe thousands of pounds to get there.

Easy PC Advice Logo

Take my business for example.  Easy PC Advice!  Yes I know what you are going to say… another PC company out there for all to see.  Every day I swear a new I.T. company pops up so what I am hearing on the grape vine is that I need to find that niche that I can promote.  What’s different about Easy PC Advice?

I already have 16 Years of experience in I.T. Support but that doesn’t mean that I know everything in the world about I.T.  Yes, I can build my own website and yes I know about PC Support but do I know about SEO or Marketing a Computer Support Company…No!  And these seem to be the big area that I need to start digesting rapidly or I am going to miss out.

My niche is that I want to provide local I.T. support for the area I live and the surrounding local areas.  Ok, so what? Well how many businesses are open until 9pm on weekdays I say back to you?

Bang! There’s a niche already.  Late opening.  Let’s look at what this does for my business.  How many people go out to work the 9-5 these days.  A lot.  They don’t want to be taking days off to have a PC problem looked at.  They want the business to come to them when they want it at a low cost.

This is exactly what Easy PC Advice provides which is fantastic.  How can you not be making a fortune out of this I hear you say?

Getting the message to the people is a major problem and can be very de-motivating.  When you know that you are honest, reliable and conciensious and truly want to provide a great service and save people money as well as making some for yourself, getting the word out is a minefield.

  1. Yes, I’ve gone over my Keywords for my site – Check!
  2. Yes, I’ve been to the local magazines and got reviews about my business in there – Check!
  3. Yes, I’ve walked door-to-door dropping flyers about my new business to the local area – Check!
  4. Yes, I’ve added my business to all the free business directories to link to my site – Check!
  5. Yes, I’ve attended a Networking meeting to see about getting referrals – Check!
  6. Yes, I’ve added my company to every business directory going and turned my car and clothing into advertising areas – Check!

Is the phone ringing itself off the hook? No.

Well… that’s not entirely true… the phone has been ringing non stop with sales people who now have my number trying to sell me SEO, Marketing Advice, Energy Solutions and Advertising Opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had calls and now have some long term clients but it’s not enough to start celebrating the success of the business.

I’m not looking to start by landing a massive contract that will earn me thousands.  I am very realistic about all this but would be happy with a steady trickle of income at first which will allow me to build on the company and take it to new levels.

Who can really get you results and show you the way to starting a new business in the UK?

Let me know or if I find it, i’ll add another post with details of my success as I think this information should be available to everyone who really wants to be a success.

If you want to view my site please do at

Good Luck!!