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Who really needs I.T. Support?

Who really needs I.T. Support?

So here is the question, who really needs I.T. Support?

Well, to state the obvious, everybody who owns a computer.  We take our computers for granted these days and day in, day out they get abused with all the downloading and new files that get created and all the time your poor Hard Drive is sucking it all in to keep you happy. BUT!

Like any other machine, your Hard Drive is as vunerable to failure as any machine you have ever owned whether that is a Car, a Washing Machine or the power button on your TV remote control.  The funny thing is that in most cases your computer is showing you signs of distress before any failue even happens, but do people take any notice? 60% of people don’t.

People complain that their PC’s are getting slower or that they have a warning come up on their screens daily and how annoying it is to have to keep clicking OK to make it go away…

PEOPLE…This is your warning sign!!

So what do you do about all this as it surely can only be expensive to get anything fixed…Right?? Nope, not if you contact the right people first time.

Easy PC Advice caters for exactly these problems and we can fix your computer issues up until 9pm on weekdays and 5pm weekends.

Easy PC Advice Banner

We currently have an offer for an annual service and one call-out for your PC for just £59.99.  What do I get for that you ask?

Rather a lot actually…
* We check the Registry for broken or unused links and repair it.
* We defragment the Hard Drive which will speed up your PC.
* We check for Spyware and remove as needed.
* We provide more space on your Hard Drive.
* We carry out a File System Clean-Up and remove all unused Temp files.
* We remove Adware.
* We give advice on Backup Solutions and Best Practices.
* We give you 1 call-out for one PC per year FREE.

All that for just £59.99 which is worth £89.99 (some companies charge this per hour) so you are saving £30 and getting peace of mind that your PC has been checked over by a local trusted company.

Now, to really appreciate the delicacy and finess of a Hard Drive you really need to open one up one day.  The next time you have an old computer that you are going to throw out, remove the Hard Drive and open it up.  You’re an IT Geek I hear you say so why should we start tearing out computers open?

Never throw out an old computer without destroying the Hard Drive first.  One-in-10 second-hand hard drives still contain the original user’s personal information, suggests an investigation by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  It is important that people do everything they can to stop their details from falling into the wrong hands.

Think of all the things you’ve downloaded or password details that you’ve saved on your pc at some point, or worse, your downloaded bank statements.  Perfect information for someone else to use, so a great opportunity for you to have a look at your own Hard Drive… and then smash it up before dropping it in the bin!!

In summary, don’t take your Hard drive for granted as you need to look after the one thing that is keeping all your personal information safe for you.  Get some I.T. Support at the right price.  If you are unsure still, see our testimonials page and see how happy our customers are.


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