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Windows 8 – What’s it all about?

Windows 8 has now been available on new computers since October 2012 and the general feedback that I am hearing is not great.  Especially for Laptop and Desktop users as the Windows 8 platform was designed for the Touch Screen generation.


First off, users are greeted with a wall of Tiles that constantly change.  This is the part where if you have a touch screen, you can flip between pages of tiles to get fast access to your Apps.  However, if you are using a PC then it is like a web page that is too big for the screen and you have to find the scroll bars at the bottom to move the screen to the right.  Not very pretty.

Now I may be proved wrong here in the future but the main Apps that Laptop and Desktop users may use is the Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Internet Apps. 

Now from a personal point of view, what are the point of these Apps??  When you access them they only seem to give you half the usability of the full version you get when you go to your main Desktop.  Let’s take Mail for example.  The emails all come through ok – Great!  And you can see your Inbox etc – Great! But if you want to add a folder or move stuff around you come a cropper.  Now maybe I just haven’t used this App enough to find out the way to manage your Mail to the full but why is everything hidden in the Apps when on the full program you get full functionality.

Personally, if I owned a PC with Windows 8 I would either Change all the Tiles for ones that linked to the actual programs and not the Apps or format the PC and reinstall Windows 7.

Finding your way around Windows 8  WindowsStartButton

There’s no more lovely Start Button.  It’s all about the corners with Windows 8.  In the Tiles screen, move your cursor to the bottom right hand corner and a Menu appears for your Settings and Personalization.  This also is where you need to go to shut the PC down as the Power settings are hidden in here now.

The bottom left hand Tile should show a picture of your Desktop.  If you click this you will be taken to a more familiar screen that you used to see in previous Operating Systems.  Surely there will be a Start button here…

Nope! Remember it’s all about the corners. If you move your cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen, a small image of the Tiles will appear.  If you left click you will be taken to the Tiles screen.  If you right click here you will be greeted with a Menu which holds File Explorer and Control Panel.

Now File Explorer is where you would go if you used to click on “My Computer”.  This will show your C:/ Drive and any other Internal or External Drives you have attached to your PC.  Control Panel still works the same way as it was set out in Vista and 7.

Contatcs is another fun App that’ll get you fired up.  You open the App and see that there is nothing there so you want to add some addresses…  There’s no Add sign, and nothing to suggest you can add a contact here. But wait…  Let’s bring into the mix the “Right Click”.  With a swift click of the right mouse button and another menu appears at the bottom of the screen where you can click Add.


Did you know that 1.5 Million Windows 8 users have downloaded Freeware to enable the Windows 7 Start button and remove the “Metro” Tile screen altogether?  Doesn’t this tell Microsoft something?  I know millions more people are probably using it quite happily but to make such a radical change when people are not even 50% moved over to touch screen is a mistake in my view.

So anyway, as time will tell, just like with Vista, we will see how the world copes with Windows 8, but if you are thinking about getting a new Desktop or Laptop, pause for a second and take the time to view You Tube clips and other forums about this new Operating System so that you are fully aware of what to expect and whether you will be ready for it.

If you need advice on Windows 8 or any other IT related subject you can contact me at www.easypcadvice.com via email or Live Chat.  I will be happy to help and assist where I can.

Many thanks for your time

Mark Cooper

Easy PC Advice

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