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Computer Support / Advice – PC Problems Solved

We can come to your home or business and give you computer help whether there is one or a few issues with one particular PC or several PC’s that require attention. We always provide feedback as to the work carried out and our rates are clearly stated on our ‘Pricing’ page for you to view.

We think we have the lowest rates in this area as most of our work comes from recommendations and word-of-mouth so we have no need to pay large sums of money for advertising that gets past onto the customer like with other companies.

We offer a *No-Fix, No-Fee Guarantee so if in the unlikely event that we are not able to resolve your problem, you do not have to pay the hourly rate.

We also offer a Remote Support Service where if you have a working Internet connection but have technical issues with your PC, we can have a look without coming out to your home or place of business.

We are a Reliable and Professional Service Certified by Learning Tree International that you can trust to carry out the work you need without any problems.

How do you fix a broken computer? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you…



* See Terms and Conditions for full details

PC Health Checks

We are currently running an offer for us to give your PC the once over and provide a thorough Health Check. This will:


  • Check the Registry for broken or unused links and repair it
  • Defragment the Hard Drive which will speed up your PC
  • Check for Spyware and remove as needed
  • Provide more space on your Hard Drive
  • Carry out a File System Clean-Up and remove all unused Temp files


We can provide this service for just £20 per PC when the PC is dropped off at our office or alternatively we can come to your home or business location and carry the work out for the standard hourly rates.





SpywareIf you have ever seen new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven’t intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been changed without your knowledge (commonly known as “hijacked”), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. Even if you don’t see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging.


Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies.


If you think your PC may be infected then contact us today as we have the tools to remove Spyware from your PC



Networking Options


Having the ability to extend your internet connection is common place these days. But what is the best way to go about it? What’s available?


The most common is Wireless. This means that you can use your internet anywhere in your home or business without the use of wires. But with wireless you can also have reduced broadband speeds of up to 54Mbps and areas that only get a low signal reducing your speed further depending on your home or business layout.


We also can provide another solution for homes or small businesses that provides 200Mbps (HD streaming) via a small cable to your computer but without a long trailing wire back to the router. This is great for online gaming, HD Video Streaming and other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.


For more information call us today.




Online Email Accounts & Social Networking

In today’s world you can’t sign into anything without an Email Account. Email is the most common form of communication other than speaking now and is a necessity for anyone using the web.


We can set you up with one of the most common online email accounts and in minutes you will be able to send emails to as many people as you wish. We can also help advise on Facebook and Twitter Accounts which are taking over the way people communicate about their lives.


Contact us for more info



Web Design


Web Design with Easy PC AdviceWe cater for the customer who wants a professional looking website without all the costs of major development companies.


During the development process you get complete control of your website and are sent a link to see how your site is progressing. Any changes that you require can then be made ASAP.


We also provide very competitive rates for maintaining your site so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to update it. Schools also get a discount if you book your website with us.


A BT Business Poll showed two fifths of companies in the UK do not have their own dedicated website. This failure to capitalise on the web as a profit-generating channel in its own right can result in small businesses missing out on sales and marketing opportunities. According to Web World, an effective business website can add value and satisfaction, improve credibility ratings, offer customer convenience and drive market expansion. Having a social media presence can generate long-term, valuable relationships between a company and its customers, while serving as a low cost service channel.


Call us today to discuss your website and get the ball rolling to making your site a success.



Data Recovery


Many people these days like to backup their pictures and files to an external hard drive as the data can then either be moved to another PC quickly or if the main PC hard drive failed, you haven’t lost any of your data. BUT, what if your external hard drive failed? Would you have lost all of your data including those photos you love or important files?


The answer is not necessarily!


When a hard drive fails it is normally for a reason, whether it is because there are bad sectors in the drive or the drive itself has become corrupted. All is not lost though and by bringing your external hard drive to us, we will be able to tell you within a matter of minutes whether your data is recoverable or not.


Our recovery tool reads the disk in a different way to a normal Operating System and therefore can view the files that are considered lost where a normal PC will say it’s failed. We can then proceed with the recovery once we see the information.


Our data recovery track record is currently at 99%.


Contact us today and see how we can save your data.



Training and Tuition


PC Training and TuitionIf you are based in Watford or surrounding areas and are looking for Computer Lessons for Beginners, you are in the right place.


We currently offer 2 types of one-to-one training courses for beginners which can be tailored to your needs so that you are comfortable with what you want to learn rather than being told things you already may know.


You are not tied down to a minimum amount of time so you can have just a 1 hour lesson or we can arrange a schedule over a few weeks to teach you the ins and outs. You decide!


Give us a call today and see for yourself…







Easy Introduction to Computers

This training section is designed for the beginner who wants to know their way round a PC in general.

We will go through the basics of the computer and depending on your needs, we can show you how to:

  • Use the Internet
  • Setup an Email Account
  • Transfer pictures from your digital camera
  • Or perhaps the functions of Microsoft Office like Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

These sessions are suitable for all ages and can be tailored to your needs from no experience at all to some experience but want to learn more.

We are flexible with Operating Systems (OS) too and can teach on Windows XP, Vista or 7.


Web Design for Beginners

Building a website yourself is becoming more and more necessary these days when the costs of having a professional site is so expensive.

Once you have mastered the basics it’s actually very easy to create a basic page, and once you have a basic page you just need to keep adding to the code and before you know it, you have your professional looking page. We will show you how to get to that point and how easy it is.

  • HTML Code
  • Tables
  • Tags
  • Images, Buttons and Hyperlinks
  • Plus more…

This course is suitable for all ages so if you are at school and want to get ahead or need to start-up a business, or just want to learn something new, we can help.







Hardware / Software Installations


Hardware and Software InstallationsIf you require some new hardware or perhaps need some new Anti-Virus software installing, we can help. Our trained technicians can come to your home or business and install your Hardware and Software for you to ensure it is correctly setup for your needs.


Easy PC Advice can also provide training on specific pieces of software if needed to make sure you get the right start.


Hardware can include new laptops/desktops, printers, monitors, external hard drives or networking including wireless etc. We have the ability to install all of these plus more. Call us today to find out more.




Anti Virus

If your PC is connected to the Internet, it is very important that you make sure you are protected against Viruses and Trojans. These are pieces of software that intentionally try to damage your PC and gain information from it without your permission.


Anti Virus software is redily available from many local and online stores, however this can be expensive. A company called AVG will let you install their Anti Virus software for FREE which is a great start to making sure your PC is safe and secure.


Download their software here


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