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Get Connected – Home Networking Options

Networking Options

Ahh yes, lots of you have been there when your children are growing up and you get “Mum, Dad, I need a computer!”.  The brain starts processing this request by firstly saying “How much is that going to cost?” and then secondly “Where are we going to put it?”.

Missing out the cost part, the location of where you put your childs computer is very important.

Many parents these days are getting a lot wiser to computers and in particular the way their children interact with them and other people online.  We obviously want to make sure our children are safe in what they are doing so…

…Our advice is to firstly always put your childs computer in a family room i.e. the lounge or dining area.  Basically, somewhere where you can keep an eye on what’s going on.  This is not a sign of distrust against your child, this is like an invisible Firewall that your child needs to get through to help protect them and their details. 

So, you’ve decided to put the computer let’s say in the lounge – great!  How do I get connection from the broadband router which has been placed in another room to here so that your child can get online? 

A few of the most common options spring to mind that you probably have heard of before:- 

1) Cables running from the broadband router to the lounge.

2) Wireless – a card fitted to your Desktop or Laptop (normally included in Laptops these days) so no wires are needed. 

Let’s look on the practical side then.  You’re not going to be running cables down the stairs or round door pillars on a permanent basis and unless you want to start drilling holes through walls or are in the middle of an extension being built where you can tell your builder to add this when building it, wireless seems to be the answer.  But is it?


Wireless technology today is massive.  As I said above, almost all laptops come with a wireless card in them these days and you can get Wireless (Wifi) in hotels, coffee shops and restaurants etc.  But the idea in these places is that someone can connect and pick up their emails or write a well written Blog let’s say…!! 

But what about if you need more Bandwidth Intensive Applications running or need to download large files where the standard 54Mbps just isn’t cutting the mustard?  Where do you turn?  Cables running down the stairs or excavating your walls starts to make you feel rather uncomfortable to get the speeds your Broadband Supplier promised you when you signed up to their unbelievably long contract.

At Easy PC Advice we have an alternative Networking Option that you may be interested in…

You could say it’s a bit of both wired and wireless but without all the drilling and mess, plus from the cable side of things there would only be a very short cable to your PC that doesn’t spread all over the floor.  Another plus is that instead of the standard Wifi Speeds of 54Mbps, you could now get 200Mbps which is HD quality streaming speeds.

So not only is this option great for your childs needs but also great for your needs in case you want to stream videos or watch TV programmes online.  For the more techy people, if you have an Internet Ready TV, this option is perfect.

Best of all… your home is already setup to use it straight away as it uses your current electricity circuits to carry data and it’s not that expensive as we are currently offering the adaptors with a discount so it is only £49.99 to get you connected.

If you are interested in finding more out about this alternative for the home then we look forward to hearing from you and you can see the rest of our services at our website.